Sadie and Aster

Why “Wild Spirit”?

Sadie and Aster

The Samoyed is one of the 12 most ancient of domesticated dogs breeds recognized by AKC. The forbearers of today’s modern Samoyed lived a hardscrable existence on the Siberian tundra among the Samoyede People. This magnificent breed was initially bred to pull sleds, and herd reindeer and the interplay between their wild “wolf-like” tendencies and the dependence on humans were constantly at odds in those early times. Over the years, their dependence and interactions with humans overtook their more wild tendencies and soon, these dogs were not only sleeping with their owners (for warmth), but also weaving their way into the lives and hearts of their human “owners”. Still, they always have retained just a touch of their ancient wild tendencies which occasionally still shows up in subtle ways, such as their occasional stubbornness and independence.

The Samoyeds of today, while not living nearly as difficult life as in the ancient times, are most definitely still a working breed, and their lives are even more so intertwined with their humans. This close association with humans has led to their famously gentle disposition and intense need for human interaction and companionship.

It is the “wild spirit” in every Samoyed that truly underpins the very core of the breed and makes them so unique and special. Their wild spirit is what makes us so passionate about the breed.

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