About Us

We are Tim and Katie Dubois. Originally we came from Upstate New York, and we moved to the Austin, Texas area in 2015. We bought our first Samoyed in 2000, a companion-quality male named Juno. In his 12 years with us, he cemented our love of the breed and shaped the very direction our lives would eventually take. In 2016, while looking for another companion Samoyed, we happened upon a “show-quality” female puppy available in Arizona. We haven’t looked back since.

Juno, while technically a purebred Samoyed, was not well or thoughtfully bred. He was plagued with many, mostly minor, health issues, that grew to be more severe later in his life. The quality of his life declined noticeably as he aged due to his poor breeding. We’ve noticed this trend in other poorly bred animals we’ve owned or seen over the years. In contrast, our “show dog” Sadie was well and consciously bred. The difference between the two was immediately apparent. In structure, soundness, health, and temperament, it was like night and day. This trend continues with the other well-bred dogs we’ve owned and been around. Our breeding program started on that simple foundation.

We always breed first and foremost for soundness and health, followed very quickly by temperament and structure. These are the foundational principles behind every litter we produce.

About Our Breeding Program

Our breeding program is small and targeted. We generally only plan to breed a few litters a year, so we must maximize those breedings by using only the best available bitches and studs that will compliment and improve our lines. All of our breeding dogs, and the outside dogs used in our program, are extensively health tested and carefully selected for Samoyed type, structure and movement. Our goal is to improve our genetics and move the breed forward. Not every dog we breed should or will be selected to move our lines forward through future breeding. However ALL have been painstakingly planned, bred and raised to closely match the proper type, substance, and structure set out in the Samoyed breed standard.

We have also been extremely fortunate to have started with great dogs that descended from some of the top-performing & top-producing Samoyeds. It helps that we have been blessed to have been mentored by some of the most renowned breeders in the Samoyed community. They have been instrumental in shaping our vision for the future of our kennel.

About Our Puppies

Samoyeds are legendary for their friendly, gentle, human-oriented temperament. It comes naturally to them through purposeful breeding over the millennia. However, a major part of this temperament is enhanced and unlocked during the first crucial socializing period from birth through about 10 weeks. The proper care, affection and attention during this period will go a long way towards assisting them in becoming responsible dog “citizens,” in both the human and canine world.

We use “Puppy Culture” principles in the rearing of our puppies. In our experience… a well nurtured, confident dog only amplifies the magnificent qualities innate to the Samoyed breed. Be it a prominent “show dog” or a trusted loving companion…. All deserve the proper foundation to start them on their way with their best paw forward.

Tim & Katie Dubois
Wild Spirit Samoyeds