Wild Spirit Samoyeds Katie and Sadie

Don’t Buy a Samoyed

Before purchasing a Samoyed, please read this article that has been adapted from: DON’T BUY A BOUVIER! by Pam Green (c.1992)

Wild Spirit Samoyeds Puppy Sadie Walking on leash

Exercise for your new puppy

If you’re like we were several years ago, you’re just now learning that you’ve been doing it wrong. If this is your first adventure in puppy ownership, you’ll get it right from the start. I’ll just say it: puppies don’t come home with you and instantly become your running or

Wild Spirit Samoyeds' first time at our breed Nationals in 2018

SCA Nationals 2018

We had a pretty exciting September 2018. After being idle and enjoying the regular “pet” life for about 8-9 weeks or so, Wild Spirit Samoyeds hit the road in Mid-September (from 9/22/18-9/30/18) to Purina Farms, MO for the Samoyed Club of America’s 2018 National Specialty. This was our first National