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Wild Spirit Samoyeds Katie and Sadie

Don’t Buy a Samoyed

Before purchasing a Samoyed, please read this article that has been adapted from: DON’T BUY A BOUVIER! by Pam Green (c.1992)

Wild Spirit Samoyeds Puppy Sadie Walking on leash

Exercise for your new puppy

If you’re like we were several years ago, you’re just now learning that you’ve been doing it wrong. If this is your first adventure in puppy ownership, you’ll get it right from the start. I’ll just say it: puppies don’t come home with you and instantly become your running or

Sadie and Aster

Why “Wild Spirit”?

The Samoyed is one of the 12 most ancient of domesticated dogs breeds recognized by AKC. The forbearers of today’s modern Samoyed lived a hardscrable existence on the Siberian tundra among the Samoyede People. This magnificent breed was initially bred to pull sleds, and herd reindeer and the interplay between