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Orhan Pamuk

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.

Welcome to Wild Spirit Samoyeds!

We are a small, responsible breeder/kennel of champion Samoyed dogs, located in Central Texas near Austin. We will occasionally have puppies available (both pet and show quality) to qualified applicants.

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American Kennel Club

A responsible breeder does not sell you a puppy; they have you join their family and are available for information, for advice, and, if necessary and something unforeseen happens in your life, they are there to step in for you and take the puppy/adult/senior dog back. A responsible breeder is there before the puppy is conceived, they are there thru all the crazy puppy antics, they are there thru the smiles and the tears. A responsible breeder is the one who planned for a specific breeding, spent the long sleepless night getting the puppies here. A responsible breeder is the one spent days and weeks watching the puppies, training the puppies, making sure the puppies were ready when the time comes to join their new families. A responsible breeder is your best friend.


Best friend?
she’s my sister